CRH Medical Corporation Announces Startup Joint Venture

CRH has announced a startup joint venture (“JV”) where CRH owns a 51% interest in a gastroenterology anesthesia practice located in Largo, Florida. The JV services a single ambulatory surgery center (“ASC”).

CRH and its partners will contribute this entity into its existing JV with FDHS Anesthesia, LLC.

Financial Highlights:

  • Estimated annual revenue of US $1.7 million
  • EBITDA and cash flow accretive

Dr. Tushar Ramani, CEO of CRH, commented on the JV, “We now provide services to 71 ambulatory surgery centers across 14 states, and we see ample opportunity for additional business development execution over the remainder of 2021.”

Jay Kreger, President of CRH Anesthesia, added, “We are excited about being chosen as a partner for this group of dedicated providers, who share our commitment towards patient care, while at the same time increasing our ASC footprint in Florida to 12 centers. This initiative demonstrates not only our flexible business development approach, but also reinforces our commitment to growth.”

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